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Conscia specializes in Cisco security solutions and offers counselling on IT security focusing on offering support before, during and after an attack. Cisco offers a complete security architecture where different systems enriches each other with contextual information. We have integrated Cisco’s security solutions for many businesses, including big finance and production companies and public educational institutions, regions and municipalities.


Protection of the Network

As Cisco Gold Partner, Conscia is specialized in Cisco ASA with FirePOWER. The Cisco ASA series is the most used firewall on the enterprise market, and with Cisco FirePOWER several leading security solutions have been integrated with classic perimeter protection and filtering of the network traffic.

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER NGIPS (Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System) increases protection before, during and after an attack through increased knowledge of the network in real time, that can be combined with analysis from Cisco’s own security specialists. Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) makes analysis, logs history and security incidents and blocks malware real-time based on own and Cisco’s knowledge current threats. Cisco AVC (Application Visibility and Control) offers control with often used applications and performs URL filtration based on categories and reputation. Furthermore, Cisco ASA with Fire POWER protects the organization against down time caused by availability attacks with Radware DefensePro DDoS protection (Distributed Denial of Service). The many security products that comes with ASA with FirePOWER are administered with Cisco FireSight Management Center, which is a treat centric management tool that offers a complete overview for managing of incidents in the network. Cisco FireSight Management Center integrates with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) under the Rapid Threat Containment concept and can also be integrated with own SIEM systems.

Conscia also offers Cisco FirePOWER as integration with Cisco’s Integrated Services Routers (ISR) for increased protection towards the Internet. Cisco’s ISR routers offer protection through safe routing of Wi-Fi guest traffic, advanced software segmentation and access control policies with Cisco TrustSec, Cisco Advanced Malware Protection in combination with perimeter protection and stateful inspection. Meanwhile, Cisco’s portfolio of VPN products ensures that internal communication remain safe, while offering support for access from all locations as quickly as possible.


Authentication and authorization

Conscia specializes in Cisco Identity Services Engine (Cisco ISE), which meets the requirements for easy and safe access to the business network from both corporate and privately owned PCs, tablets and phones. The Cisco ISE technology makes it possible to centralize security decisions for the entire network and manage consistent security policies, regardless of whether resources are access via cable, wireless or VPN.

Cisco ISE is the central security component in Cisco’s security architecture, and through Cisco’s eco system (PxGrid) security concepts such as Rapid Threat Containment (Cisco RTC), that can dynamically change one or more user’s network access, is offered Cisco RTC can enforce the security policy automatically and e.g. limit a user’s access to the network, cabled, wireless or via VPN, towards the most critical business in the business – without any actions taken in the IT security department. Cisco ISE also offers an automated guest portal for easy and safe mobile access for all users of the network.



Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) protects against spam, advanced malware phishing and loss of data caused by email threats. ESA can be expanded with an advance malware protection function, that protects before, during and after an attack. Meanwhile, ESA makes use of knowledge from Cisco Talos, which offers continuously updated insight into known global threats, and network units can get access to new email-policies within minutes, just as new spam campaigns are detected. With ESA Forged Email Detection, the organization is protected against spoofing mails, that especially are aimed at executive profiles and other with special access to the most sensitive business data.


Cloud Security

Conscia is specialized in OpenDNS’ product portfolio, and we are as the only Nordic partner certified as OpenDNS Elite Partner. Cisco OpenDNS is the second most popular DNS service after Google and is therefore amongst the leading providers of DNS based Big Data. Combined with Threat Intelligence from Cisco’s own Security Lab, this data is made available in a cloud platform that gives the users immediate insight into current threats from a DNS perspective. Cisco OpenDNS offers an array of strong security services. The aim of the services is to offer effective protection and reporting based on the unique access to OpenDNS’ enormous data set.

Cisco Cloud Web Security offers protection of web traffic “as a service” designed to handle and protect against the increasing number of threats related to being online today. Cisco Cloud Web Security has integration to Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), which makes it possible to react to and protect against advanced malware attacks. Conscia can offer a pure cloud based solutions or a hybrid solution with customer placed equipment. Both solutions offer market leading protection of users when they are connected to the business network, work from home or are connected to public Wi-Fi e.g. on a hotel.

Cisco Cloud Web Security can furthermore be integrated with Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics, which gives a deep visibility into web traffic based on log analysis. With Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA), it is possible to scan web traffic for symptoms of threats and react to threats that have breached the perimeter protection. It can all be combined with Cisco ThreatGrid with knowledge from Cisco’s own global threat analysis and recommendations. Finally, Cisco CloudLock makes it possible to monitor user behavior and business data on cloud services such as Google Drive and Box, that are increasingly being used in the organizations today.



Cisco Cyber Threat Defense easily and conveniently offers a central and detailed overview of the entire infrastructure – from the cabled and wireless access layers, through the distribution and core infrastructure, to the modern data center with virtual operation environments. It collects, correlates and presents real time behavior end-to-end in the infrastructure, which increases the network and security team’s efficiency while operational costs are reduces and the overall security situation is improved.


Advanced Malware Protection

Conscia specializes in Cisco AMP ThreatGrid and AMP for Endpoints. Cisco AMP ThreatGrid is the brain in Cisco’s security portfolio, that collects data, analyses threats on the network and continually updates a global database with new malware threats. Cisco AMP for Endpoints offers malware protection, registers unwanted activity and utilizes knowledge from previous attacks specific to the organization as well as globally. With Cisco AMP for Endpoints it is possible to answer four critical questions related to an attack: Who is infected, what other machines are affected, what does the malware do on the network, and how do we block the attack on the network.